Representing Your Client in Federal Court, a CLE resource

clientIf you’re considering representing clients in federal court and need a refresher, look no further. The source Representing Your Client in Federal Court, by the National Business Institute is a quick guide that can lead you in the right direction. Not only does this source provide you with a quick guide to representing clients in federal court, but it’s also part of a continuing legal education program provided by the National Business Institute. The NBI offers national webcasts to in-person seminars in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

This particular source covers a broad arrange of topics that all future attorneys and practicing attorneys will find helpful. The Table of Contents includes:

  • “Is Federal Court the Right Court? Jurisdiction, Venue and Local Court Procedure”
  • “Pleadings and Evidentiary Issues in Federal Court”
  • “Thorough Discovery in Federal Court”
  • “Testimony Tactics”
  • “Ethics and Professionalism in Mediation: Revisiting the Basics”
  • “Case Management”
  • “Federal Trial Strategies and Procedures”

 How to use the source

Let’s say you’re representing your client in federal court for the first time in a personal injury case and you need help with conducting a deposition. Check out “Testimony Tactics” on page 71. This section is written and presented by Adrienne Turner of Turner Law, LLC. Adrienne Turner practices in the area of workers’ compensation defense, school law and employment law. Within this chapter, Turner breaks it down into three different sections:

  • “Preparing Your Client for Deposition”
  • “Selecting and Retaining Expert Witnesses”
  • “Most Effective Forms of Questions”

 Take a look at “Preparing Your Client for Deposition.” Here, Turner covers everything from preparing yourself to preparing your client. The format is laid out in an easy to read PowerPoint layout, including checklists to keep your own knowledge up to date, as well as, essential points to go over with your client. Essentially, Turner makes preparing for depositions ease with this simple two-step process. As a result, both you and your client will enter depositions professionally prepared and ready for anything.

Where to purchase the source

Representing Your Client in Federal Court is priced at $99.00 and can be purchased from the National Business Institute Website: If you consider yourself to be an auditory learner, like me, the audio download of the book can also be purchased from NBI for $349.00 and provides you with 6 months of access. Although the print source itself is a quick and helpful guide, the audio download provides access to additional commentary from the knowledgeable presenters, which would be helpful for those looking for more than just an overview. Additionally, this source can be found in the Charleston School of Library on shelf 41A.

By Haleigh Teegarden
Class of 2020

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