The Beneficial Features Hidden Inside the South Carolina Corporate Practice Manual

corpThe South Carolina Corporate Practice Manual, Second Edition is categorized as a treatise that is designed for a general practitioner and corporate specialist. This Manual is a one-stop-shop for the corporate world. Not only does it capture relevant information associated with corporate entities, but it also provides access to model articles, bylaws, forms and links to government sites where standardized forms can be downloaded. The South Carolina Corporate Practice Manual is a handbook that enables the reader to get up to speed in the legal area by pointing the reader to additional authorities through the citations that appear throughout the text of each chapter. As you can see, there is much beneficial weight to this resource because it carries a magnitude of legal information.

The utility of the resource is a central ingredient when dealing in such a comprehensive area of law because it contains practical instructions when engaging a client on the selection process of a corporate entity or the type of advice that should follow when the client is deciding the corporate name, along with the protective measures to be taken once the corporate name is established. Additionally, when a client raises the question of corporate control, the resource identifies the rights, duties, obligations and liabilities of each of player involved. Lastly, when a client is numbers driven, a framework of the benefits and matters affecting tax of new businesses can be found in the resource.

The South Carolina Corporate Practice Manual was drafted by several authors, who are either currently in the field of practicing law or a professor of law. Each one of the authors has extensive background in business transactional law, commercial finance and/or taxation. Thus, the compiled information is derived from experienced and knowledgeable individuals. The authors’ purpose for drafting the Manual was to provide the audience with a detailed discussion of the important areas for planning and organizing a corporation. Furthermore, it extends to delivering an overview of business compliance requirements for various federal, state and local regulations.

Overall, the Manual holds such great value and is applicable to an attorney that is newly barred and an attorney that has many years of practice behind them. It is described as being a widespread resource that focuses on most types of corporate entities with the scope of the information ranging from formation to operations to dissolution. The presence of this resource may be found in hard copy by heading to shelf 41-B in the Charleston School of Law Library and electronically on Lexis. Unfortunately, the Practice Manual is not located on the Westlaw database.

– Kelsey Sanna

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