New to Probate Law? Research like an Expert in Minutes

probateUnfortunately, there is no magic genie when it comes to the research process. Research is usually a matter of time, practice and money. As a law student, I understand that research can be quite difficult when you need information on an unfamiliar topic. While writing this blog I had you in mind. You can be the newly hired law clerk or first-time associate at an Estate Administration Law Firm. You can be the student enrolled in Wills, Trusts and Estates that needs additional information to assist you with the understanding of the material. You can be the pro se litigant that has numerous questions and no clue about the law or where to begin. Well you get my point. I do have a great resource for you and some great tips on how to get the maximum use out of this source.

This resource is called the South Carolina Probate Manual Fifth Edition.  This print book can be purchased on the South Carolina Bar website for a retail price of $150.00. For those of you who do not know much about cost effective research, $150.00 is a reasonable price for a comprehensive guide on Probate Law.  This manual was designed to organize much of the detail and information involved in probate work and provide it to the audience in a more simplified manner. The guide also provides insightful practical tips.  The author of this brilliant guide is Albert Lawrence Moses, who is currently a probate mediator. He graduated from the University of South Carolina and has been practicing law for over 50 years. He is also an Honorary Member of the USC Chapter Order of the Coif and a member of the SC Division Estate Planning and Probate Committee.

Finding the research you need  

 The first thing I do when I open up any secondary source is turn to the Table of Contents. It is my way of familiarizing myself with the material in the book. The Table of Contents is the essential part of any print legal resource. It provides the audience with guidance about the availability of the content. The South Carolina Probate Manual is organized in a user-friendly manner. The manual is divided into five categories: The Procedure Guide, The Master Information List, The Administration Checklist, The Form Letters and The Forms. This book will provide the first-time probate researcher with the probate procedures and laws of administration. It will also provide the audience with the list of many tasks that need to be completed and it will give you the forms required to plead your case.  The Table of Contents is divided into 15 parts. The Table of Contents starts with “Introduction and Procedural Matters” and ends with “Closing the Estate”. Its order resembles the commencement and ending of a case making it easy for you to know where to start your research. This book also includes an accompanying CD which includes: assignment of bond premium refund, authorization to release information, escrow agreement to reduce bond, release of possession of real estate, statement required by Treasury Reg. § 1.642(g)-1, disclaimer of interest under will, bill of sale, assignment of note and real estate mortgage, assignment of lessee’s interest in lease, stock assignment, bond assignment, affidavit of domicile, and much more. Also included on the CD are the SC Probate Court forms.

Why choose this book?

I understand that there are many resources out there to guide you with your Probate Law research. So why is this book special? This manual is the South Carolina Probate Bible. This book is the how to and go to. This is no longer a need to spend countless hours on the internet doing research when you can find almost everything you need in one place. This book is just that good. So if you haven’t yet, go to the South Carolina Bar – CLE website and purchase this manual. I think I hear it calling your name.

~By: Shalonda Wilburn

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