Maximizing the Features of LexisNexis Courtroom Cast

Husted-Riana-Courtroom Cast-Logo (002)LexisNexis Courtroom Cast is an extension of LexisNexis that is available to those who have a subscription. Despite this, signing up is a separate but simple process that requires you to select your school, input your email address, and verify it via email.

 Registration provides you with access to case videos, AudioCaseFiles, and training modules. For those on the fence about registering, Lexis does provide a sample case video and AudioFile; otherwise, an account is necessary to access the rest. Law students should have little hesitation in signing up as this resource is free and invaluable to them in their studies — but for paying customers such as law firms, the sample videos could be a determinative factor as LexisNexis is often elusively expensive.

 To begin with the AudioCaseFiles, their scope is broad; ranging from an overview of cases and questioning witnesses, to making different motions and pleadings. They include rule of law, holding, and a brief summary, and are organized by “Recently Popular Cases” and “Current Activity.” For those seeking a specific case, you can also browse by subject and casebook. Collaborative work is encouraged through the notes feature, which allows you to take and share notes, view others’ notes, and print them out.

 The AudioCaseFiles are available for download and can be of great use to busy law students and attorneys who may wish to listen to cases throughout their day rather than sit down to read them. Conversely, if you are unable to hear the audio or might like to highlight certain parts of the transcript, it is also available in text format.

 LexisNexis Courtroom Cast further contains a vast number of videos that may appeal to visual learners. The videos are broken down into archived cases, expert witnesses, area of practice, and industry. Area of practice and industry may seemingly overlap, but the former is categorized by field of law while the industries section is not legally classified (i.e., admiralty vs. marine). Given the large amount of cases, they are somewhat weakly organized but this can be rectified by switching to chronological or alphabetical.

 Lastly, an overlooked feature of LexisNexis Courtroom Cast is the variety of training modules that are available and useful to students in Legal Research and Writing, Trial Advocacy, Moot Court and more. Although law school provides students with the knowledge needed to become a successful attorney, this feature of Courtroom Cast complements in-class learning with the requisite skills for presenting an argument in court. Many of the trainings are in PowerPoint format, which highlights its use as a supplementary tool for students. These videos should not be misconstrued as only serving students participating in Trial Advocacy and Moot Court, as there is a wealth of other information that would enhance the learning of students taking Evidence, Criminal Procedure, Pleadings and Practice, and so on.

 When presenting this resource in class, several classmates expressed that they had not heard of it and would have utilized it during their first year in particular. Conclusively, LexisNexis Courtroom Chat is certainly an overlooked facet of LexisNexis and has many compelling features that can aid both students and attorneys. From the on-the-go AudioCaseFiles that can accommodate a lawyer’s hectic schedule, the videos that could give a student a boost of confidence in their final argument for Legal Research and Writing, to the trainings that could help a student pass their Evidence exam, there is something of use to be found for everyone on LexisNexis Courtroom Cast.

By: Riana Husted
Class of 2019

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