Everything about Consumer Law in a Quick and Easy Place

The National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) Digital Library is a collection of treatises that cover just about every area of consumer law. The twenty-one treatises are arranged in five category titles: Debtor Rights, Mortgages & Foreclosures, Credit & Banking, Deception & Warranties, and Consumer Litigation. This valuable resource is easily accessible to Charleston School of Law students, either on-campus or off-campus, through the Sol Blatt Jr. Law Library’s website.

While on the library’s website, click on the Databases tab. After choosing on-campus or off-campus access, the NCLC can then be found in the Legal Research Resources section. Charleston School of Law alumni can freely access the NCLC by visiting the Sol Blatt Jr. Law Library and utilizing one of the library’s terminals. Additionally, access to the collection is available through a paid subscription. Subscriptions may be purchased for individual titles or as a complete collection.

Each treatise is authored by an experienced NCLC staff attorney, most of whom have over twenty years of experience in the related field. Many of the treatises also include sample pleadings, which may prove valuable to newer attorneys or for attorneys who do not usually practice consumer law. Some of the treatises also include sample voir dire questions and other practice tools, which I found very interesting.

The amount of information in the treatises and the inclusion of sample pleadings and practice tools makes this resource an easy way for an attorney to get a “crash course” in a subject in which they may have little experience. Attorneys who are experienced in consumer law may also find this resource useful simply because it is an efficient way to search such a broad area of the law.

In conclusion, the NCLC Digital Library is a great resource for law students performing research, for new or inexperienced attorneys who need a “crash course” in consumer law, and for seasoned consumer law attorneys who wish to find information in an efficient way. What a great electronic resource that is available through the Sol Blatt Jr. Law Library!

By: Brad Riley
Class of 2020

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