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A Review: Criminal Procedure For South Carolina Practitioners

If criminal procedure were a place, as opposed to a body of law, we would hope that you would find in this work an excellent travel guide. Criminal Procedure for South Carolina Practitioners is written by two of our very … Continue reading

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Need to know the South Carolina judicial structure and how to appeal from Certain Courts?  The resource, Appellate Practice in South Carolina, Second Edition by: Jean Hoefer Toal, Shahin Vafai, And Robert A. Muckenfuss would be a great place to start.  The … Continue reading

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An Excellent South Carolina Family Law Resource

It is rare when I find a legal resource that is easy to understand, very informative and cheap at the same time. Recently, I stumbled on such a resource in our library: Marriage and Divorce Law in South Carolina – A … Continue reading

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All signs point to the future being bright for Elder Law attorneys

If you are considering practicing within elder or special needs law, a great resource to have available is A Practical Guide to Elder and Special Needs Law in South Carolina. The book’s principal author is South Carolina Elder Law and … Continue reading

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The South Carolina Pregnancy Accommodations Act: A Step Toward Gender Equality

I believe Angela Davis may have said it best, “No march, movement, or agenda that defines manhood in the narrowest terms and seeks to make women lesser partners in this quest for equality can be considered a positive step.” In … Continue reading

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New to Probate Law? Research like an Expert in Minutes

Unfortunately, there is no magic genie when it comes to the research process. Research is usually a matter of time, practice and money. As a law student, I understand that research can be quite difficult when you need information on … Continue reading

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The Beneficial Features Hidden Inside the South Carolina Corporate Practice Manual

The South Carolina Corporate Practice Manual, Second Edition is categorized as a treatise that is designed for a general practitioner and corporate specialist. This Manual is a one-stop-shop for the corporate world. Not only does it capture relevant information associated … Continue reading

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