Why You Should Be Using PLI PLUS


PLI PLUS is an online legal research database provided by the Practicing Law Institute. Practicing Law Institute (PLI) is a nonprofit organization known for its accredited CLE (continuing legal education) and professional education programs.

This database contains over 100 treatises, over 3000 legal forms, transcripts from over 400 CLE programs, course handbooks and Q&A style answer books.

PLI PLUS is very user friendly, with a clean and updated interface. With more than 90,000 legal research documents available in 25 different practice areas, PLI PLUS has a lot to offer.

Thanks to our library, students can take full advantage. Every student can access the entire database on-campus.

Other features

PLI PLUS gives users the convenience of making notes and highlighting desired text. You can also create your own bookshelf and add certain chapters and titles to sub shelves as well. Users can share links to their shelves and sub shelves with others. PLI PLUS also allows you to view all of your notes and marks on one page.

How do you access the database?

First, go to the CSOL library website and scroll down to “Databases.” Then, just click “On-Campus Access” and you will find the link to PLI PLUS under “Legal Research Resources.” http://charlestonlaw.edu/sol-blatt-jr-law-library/databases-and-catalog/on-campus/

How do you use it?

 PLI PLUS is very easy to use with only four main tabs at the top of the page:

  • Search
  • Browse
  • My Bookshelf
  • My History

Under “Search,” there are simply four more sub-tabs:

  • Books
  • Forms
  • Transcripts
  • All Content

There are also advanced search options available to help narrow your search further.


I know what many of you may be thinking. Something as awesome as PLI PLUS can’t be free, right? Wrong.  As students of CSOL, on-campus access is at no charge.

Usually, CLE course handbooks can be very expensive when sold individually. Having access to over 400 programs a year on one database almost seems too good to be true.

For practicing attorneys, the subscription price varies depending on how many users are in the firm. An individual privileged membership with PLI charges an annual fee of $3,495.00!

With that in mind, make sure you take full advantage of this fabulous subscription! Try PLI PLUS for your researching needs.

Joseph Donohue
Class of 2020

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