Research and Networking at your Fingertips

ssrnAre you a graduate student, a scholar, a professor or just simply a research fanatic? If so, you will love the Social Science Research Network. SSRN is an online database available to assist you on beginning your early research. It’s always available, it’s worldwide and it’s free!

Yes, free.

There are many benefits of creating a free account on SSRN. On SSRN, you have access to hundreds of thousands of working papers. You also have an opportunity to submit your own research and paper. Submitting your own paper is as easy as hitting the upload link on your screen. You can also make your research data available with your article. All you have to do is upload your research data to the Mendeley Data repository, where it will be published and citable, and linked from your article.

SSRN is an online preprint community devoted to the worldwide dissemination of research.  They are known for providing valuable services to schools and government institutions. SSRN is composed of six research disciplines: Applied Sciences, Health Sciences, Humanities, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Social Sciences and they have an abundance of networks and journals within each discipline. Furthermore, SSRN is branching out into other science disciplines providing opportunities for you to post your early research and discoveries.

What I love about SSRN the most is that it is a network. You not only have the opportunity to read other author’s research, you can contact them and inquire about their data methods. The Network has professional job announcements and job openings. These announcements are distributed weekly. They include conferences, professional meetings, calls for papers, and Professional Job Openings.

The SSRN offers conferences on every research discipline, giving you the chance to learn about your field of interest and meet experts in that particular field and the opportunity to present your research and journal within SSRN’s extensive community. If you ever thought about relocating, there are job openings from all over the world offered on SSRN. The thought of endless opportunities from all over the world even makes me excited.

SSRN is the ultimate place for professionals in academia to network and gain contacts.  So if you haven’t yet, log on to SSRN and begin your journey of researching and networking from the comfort of your own home.

Shalonda Wilburn

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