Bloomberg’s Blooming Features


Bloomberg Law (Bloomberg) is a legal research database with intelligence centers and practical tools for legal practitioners and law students. Bloomberg often takes a back seat because law students are more familiar with its competitors LexisNexis and Westlaw. However, Bloomberg has great features to offer students such as its state law chart builder and company profiles.

The state law chart builder feature allows students to create a chart comparing laws in differing states based on a specific practice area. This is a great feature to use when you want to know how a law is applied in different jurisdictions. The chart builder allows students to choose from the following eight different practice areas: environmental, tax, corporate, privacy and data security, securities, labor and employment, banking and consumer finance, and healthcare. Once you select the general practice area, the next screen allows you to select the states you wish to compare and sub-categories within the general practice area. Once you make your selections, a chart is created displaying the laws of your selected states.

The company profile feature allows students to research law firms by reviewing the firm’s profile and litigation analytics. This is a feature every student can use in preparation for job interviews and understanding the firm’s major practice area(s). To access this feature, select “career resources” under law school success. Then, select “company profiles” under prepare for an interview. The next page will allow you to input the firm you want to research. Once you select your firm, the next page displays the firm’s profile along with litigation analytics.

Bloomberg has other great features such as its intelligence centers dedicated to business, litigation, and transactional law. The intelligence centers provide practical guidance tools students and practitioners. Users can access industry data and drafting tools, and more from the transactional intelligence center. The litigation intelligence center allows users to view judicial analytics for federal judges and find jury instructions available to the public in addition to other great litigation tools. Lastly, the business intelligence center is devoted to those interested in business law where users can view deal analytics and research businesses.

Check out Bloomberg today for its many blooming features!

Erika Fowler
2019-20 Library Research Fellow

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