Criminal Offenses in South Carolina

SC_CriminalCriminal Offenses in South Carolina is a print legal resource published by Thomson Reuters. The most current edition is Criminal Offenses in South Carolina, 3d, 2019-2020 edition. This is a single volume treatise which is useful for students, researchers, and practitioners alike. The book gives the detailed elements of crimes in South Carolina in a well-laid out, easy to read format. Although the book focuses on criminal offenses, it also notes when certain offenses are also misdemeanors.


About the Author

This resource is authored by John R. Ferguson. Ferguson received his undergraduate degree from Duke University and his juris doctor from the University of South Carolina. He has been practicing law for over 30 years. He is a partner at Cox, Ferguson & Wham, LLC in Laurens, South Carolina. Ferguson is open to suggestions and insights about the content of the book and what additions and corrections should be made in future updates.


The overall structure of the volume consists of a table of contents, the substance of the material covered, followed by an appendix.  The book is organized into chapters covering groups of related crimes and misdemeanors. Each chapter is divided into sections which delve into the specific felonies and misdemeanors related to the broad chapter topic. For example, there are chapters titled Crimes Against Property, Crimes Against the Person, and Drug and Alcohol Offenses, among others. The sectional breakdown of the chapter on Drug and Alcohol Offenses includes sections titled Drug trafficking, trafficking in methamphetamine or cocaine base, and distribution, purchase and manufacture of methamphetamine.

The appendix is broken down into four sections which provide a few more useful ways of navigating the book. Appendix A is an alphabetical list of criminal offenses included in the book. The Table of Laws and Rules provides statutes and rules referenced in the material. The Table of Cases gives a list of the sample cases used throughout the text given to illustrate the pertinent law or rule. Finally, the index provides an alphabetical listing of groups of related offenses.

Why use this Resource

As mentioned above, this resource has a broad range of uses from students learning the rules to researchers and practitioners leveraging the resource for research starting points and practice guidelines, respectively. For the student, the resource provides an easy to digest format of statutory laws and rules of criminal law in South Carolina. For the researcher, this treatise provides a starting point for researching criminal laws and provides sample cases and annotations from South Carolina courts that can be used as a starting point to expound on their research.

This book is also useful when used in conjunction with other secondary sources such as legal encyclopedias. Lastly, for the practitioner, this book is an almost indispensable quick-reference guide to navigating laws and rules in the criminal law landscape in South Carolina. It also provides guidelines on sentencing, penalties for crimes, possible defenses, and cross-references to both related common law and related statutory offenses.


There are two options to get this resource. The 1,234 page current version can be had for a flat price of $440.00 from Thomson Reuters. This price includes the only the current version and no updates. There is also a monthly pricing option. For a fixed monthly price of about $37.00, the book and all updates, revisions, and new editions can be had. This option also allows the choice of a 24, 36, 60, or 120 month term for the monthly pricing.

Written by: Karl Baker

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