The Pros Behind Procertas

Many 1Ls are familiar with the software-training program Procertas. Many students may find the exercises in the “Word Contract” tedious as it is required homework for all LRAW classes. However, the exercises are helpful as they allow users to explore obscure features within these programs. For 1Ls, this is useful for overcoming certain formatting issues within their trial and appellate memos. The program also helps those who might think they are inept with other apps, like PowerPoint or Excel.

  However, the story behind Procertas might interest a few. Founded in 2015 by Joseph Colucci and Casey Flaherty, the program was originally named “Cost Control,” however, they decided the name had a negative connotation. They later changed the name to Procertas: an amalgamation of “professional” and “certification.”

The two met when Joseph sold legal technology services to Casey. Together, they formed a friendship and realized there was a need for technology training within in the legal field. They acknowledged that many lawyers do not receive technology training in law school, they started the program to help instruct those in the legal field to become competent in software.

They admitted that selling this idea to firms was difficult as they stated many lawyers are confident in their knowledge of the apps and their training. In an interview, Joseph claimed that younger lawyers who are naïve in their abilities create this “myth of the digital native.” Even Joseph admitted he was a part of this myth of being technologically savvy but learned several new skills while starting Procertas. Both hope that students in law school receive the training necessary to be competent in practice.

          One interesting tidbit of information is that Joseph is based in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, minutes away from our school. I was a part of this myth of the digital native that Joseph discusses as I was overly confident in my abilities in Word and Excel; however, I’m glad I was able to see the light and use Procertas to widen my skills. I highly recommend the students who moaned and groaned when given a Procertas assignment reflect on the program and see what they gained from the experience.

Addison “Oz” Osborne

Sol Blatt, Jr. Law Library Research Fellow

Charleston School of Law Class of 2023

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