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Innovative Disruption & the Law

While browsing the blogs and legal journals over the past year, I noticed that the phrase, innovative disruption, frequently cropped up.  A keyword search of the library’s catalog, “innovative disruption” & law, resulted in a list of 56,603 items on … Continue reading

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Technology, Change & the Practice of Law

Hillary Daninhirsch’s article, Changing Tides for Law School Graduates, in this morning’s Inside Counsel brought several ideas into perspective for me.  Noting the negative impact that technology has had on legal hiring, Daninhirsch pushes through to the other side, arguing … Continue reading

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Change: The New Normal?

  For some, change can be an invigorating and exhilarating challenge that is readily embraced.  For others, change is fraught with fear and will be resisted at all costs.  Most of us fall somewhere in between those two extremes: we understand … Continue reading

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The Future of Law

Richard Susskind, UK author, advisor, and lawyer, has written extensively about the intersection of technology and the practice of law.  Susskind began exploring the impact of technology upon the practice of law with his 1996 book, The Future of Law.  … Continue reading

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