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Blockbuster Supreme Court Decisions This Week by Party Name & Keyword

This has been a blockbuster week for decisions from the United States Supreme Court.  Below are links to the decisions, in reverse chronological order, being discussed across the country: United States v. Windsor (DOMA) Hollingsworth v. Perry (Proposition 8) Adoptive … Continue reading

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June 25, 2013 United States Supreme Court opinions

Koontz v St. John’s River Water Management District Koontz applied for a permit to develop land with proposed environmental offsets. District indicated that it would approve the application if Koontz undertook more expensive mitigation or did work on district land … Continue reading

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South Carolina Sues Department of Justice Over Voter ID Law

On Tuesday, February 7th, South Carolina Attorney General, Alan Wilson, sued United States Attorney General, Eric Holder, and the Department of Justice, in the District Court of the District of Columbia, asking the court to allow enforcement of the South Carolina … Continue reading

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