Articles Worth Reading

articles worth reading

For your information needs and reading pleasure, check out the following articles:

  1.  5 Firms Named The Savviest at Social Media Marketing;
  2.  10 Tiny Tools to Simplify a Lawyer’s Life;
  3. 2016’s Best Places for Law School Graduates;
  4. A Devil’s Dictionary of Educational Technology;
  5. Advice to New Law Firm Leaders:  Be a Wartime Consigliere;
  6. Boxed Out:  Should Evidence of Racism in the Jury Box Remain Off-Limits?  The Supreme Court is Set to Decide;
  7. Bridging the Gap:  3 Ways for Legal to Manage Client Expectations;
  8. College Library Goes Beyond the Reading Room;
  9. Consider Requiring Personality Testing for Lawyers;
  10. Control Your Writing and Your Image:  Acquiring the Grammar You Need to Improve Your Writing;
  11. Diversity Metrics in Billing Could Push Law Firms to Rethink Staffing;
  12. Dozens of States, Biz Groups Challenge DOL Overtime Rule;
  13. Five AI Pioneers to Watch;
  14. Judge Scolds Obama, Congress for Allowing Children to Face Deportation without Lawyers;
  15. Law Firms Turn to Non-lawyer Experts to Enhance Practice and Provide Value;
  16. Lawyers Are Only Billing a Fraction of Their Time; How Can They Be More Efficient?;
  17. Lawyers Ignore Branding at Their Peril and Need to Be “Media Companies”;
  18. Legal Project Managers:  The New Rainmakers?;
  19. Oral Advocacy and “Vocal Fry:”  The Unseemly, Sexist Side of Nonverbal Persuasion;
  20. Social Angst:  Lack of Bright Lines Stokes Unease as Lawyers Flock to Twitterverse;
  21. The Courtroom Where It Happened:  Hamilton as a Lawyer;
  22. The Future of Educational Materials and the Role of the College Bookstore;
  23. What Do You Do to Stay Organized and Meet Deadlines in Your Practice?;
  24. What the Jobs Are:  New Tech and Client Needs Create a New Field of Legal Operations; &
  25. Where Will the Legal Jobs Be in 2026?

Happy reading!


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